Organizing committee

Eduard Akim

Member of the UN FAO Advisory Committee on Wood and Paper Products, Eng.D., Professor, SPbSUITD, Russia;

Yakov Kazakov.

Head of Dep. of Pulp and Paper and Wood Chemical Production, Eng.D., Professor, NArFU, Russia;

Yury Alashkevich.

Eng.D., Professor, SibSAU, Russia;

Vladimir Beloglazov

PhD, Adv. to CEO of “Arkhangelsk PPM” JSC, Russia;

Elena Dernova

Deputy CEO for Science and Technology Issues, “Consolidated Paper Mill” LLC, PhD, Associate Professor, Russia;

Vladimir Dubovy

Eng.D., Professor, SPbSUITD, Russia;

Dmitry Dulkin

CEO of “Consolidated Paper Mill” LLC, Eng.D., Professor, Russia;

Dmitry Zyliov.

CEO of “Arkhangelsk PPM” JSC, Russia;

Albert Kanarskiy

Eng.D., Professor, KNRTU, Russia;

Galina Komarova

PhD, Associate Professor, NArFU, Russia;

Sergey Malkov

CEO of “Andritz” LLC, Russia;

Andrey Stankov

Chief Industrial Engineer in ET Service, Mondi Syktyvkar JSC, Russia;

Udo Zybulsky

Export director in «Bim Finland OY», Ph.D, Finland;

Natalya Chernaya

Eng.D., Professor, Department of Chemical Processing of Wood, BelSTU, Belarus;

Sergey Yakimov

COO in the Koryazhma branch of “Ilim Group” JSC, Russia.

Conference organizers

Inform support

The conference is held with the support of the leading companies in the industry.

Organizing Committee address

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (NArFU)

17, Severnaya Dvina Emb.,
Arkhangelsk, 163002

Phone: (8182)65-00-92; 21-61-82


Contact persons:

Yakov Kazakov


Marina Holmova